How Can I Set Follow Up For The Discharge?

Steps to set follow up for the Discharge

  1. Go to Discharge details section from the Indoor Module.
  2. Click on ADD button, now select the existing patient from the patient list.

  3. Click on  ">>" which is in the right below corner in order to move towards next step.

  4. Check the box for next follow up the discharge and set the date and time.

  5. Click on Save button to update the changes into the system.

You have successfully created the follow up for the next appointment.

  1. Now you can Check your follow up patient into the list of appointments on the selected date.
  2. For eg, I have made set for 16-6-2016.
  3. Now, Go to Appointment list and select period into the filters and set 16-6-2016. date ( ie. follow-up date)


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