Main Module - Appointment Details


This section will be used to book an appointment of the patients by filling up their details into the system and later on, this list can be view by the doctors panel.

Here are some steps to use the Appointment section:

  • Click on Appointment details from the Main Module.
  • Click on Appointment list (Main Module >> Appointment Details >> Appointment List)  to view the list of patients who had booked their appointment into the system.
  • You can also apply filters for searching the particular field or details about the patient.
  • As you can see the above image , it shows the list of appointments in different colors which shows that each color has their own details of appointment status like:
    Yellow Colour : Waiting 
    Green Colour : Completed
    Blue Colour : Scheduled
    Red Colour : Cancelled
  • You can change these color combinations from the settings, to view these details, Click Here.

Add New Appointment:

  • Main Module >> Appointment Details >> Add new Appointment
    The following window will be displayed.
  • Choose Clinic Name and Doctor name from the drop down options and click on show button.
    The following window will be displayed.
  • Go to today view, month view, week view, and appointment list and choose any one of them and select the time and double click into the block where you need to book the appointment, like as shown in the below image.( you need to select the time as per the doctor's availability)
  • After double clicking on the particular block, a new window will get display as shown in the below.
  • Choose “Case Type” from the 'Category' drop-down list i.e. ( New or OLD)

    NEW: Choose new , if you are creating the new patient's appointment into the system.

    OLD: Choose old, if there is existing patient, and you can view all the details of the past process from the system. 

    This will present you with the same Add New Event dialog used earlier. “NEW Visit” is selected as the Category by default, if this is their first visit. You can change the category to “Old Patient”., if they are the existing patient. 

    New patients: If you choose new case type as new, then you need to fill up all the required information of the patient, such as Patient and Appointment details. After Filling up all the details,Click on Save Button, to save the changes into the appointment list.

  • You can view the list of appointments into the appointment list Tab.

  • You can also print the list of appointments as per the Clinic Name, Doctor Name, Appointment List or Label.
  • Choose any period from the drop-down list and it will show the list of appointments accordingly, also you can type any keyword over the search bar and Click on find button to view the results.
  • Print report will be displayed as below:


So this was the part of the Appointment scheduler process.


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