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This section will be used to Add a new patient by filling up their details into the system. This maintains a detailed record of each patient who will be admitted to the hospital. The patient case papers will be generated automatically and will be maintained in a proper format. Whenever a regular patient will visit hospital his complete diagnosis chart along with reports will be provided by the system.

Here are some steps to use the Patient section:

  • Click on Patient details from the Main Module.
  • Click on Patient list (Main Module >> Appointment Details >> Appointment List)  to view the list of patients along with their detailed information.

    You can also apply filters for searching the particular field or details about the patient.

Add New Appointment:

  • Main Module >> Patient Details >> Add Patient
    The following window will be displayed.
    • Fill up the necessary details of the patient like address details, contact details, patient photo etc.
    • After filling up all the details, Click on Save button to make changes to the system.

To Edit Patient Details

  1. Select patient from the list.
  2. Double click on the select patient or press the “Edit” button on the menu, it will open the above screen in edit mode.
  3. Change or Fill the details and press “Save” button or press “Alt +S” to save the changes.


To Delete Patient Details

  1. Select patient from the list.
  2. Press “Delete” button on the menu, or press” Alt + D” to delete the selected patient.


Delete button on the edit mode screen also deletes the current patient. You cannot delete the patient record until all the dependent records are deleted from another module like visit module.

Patient Summary: You can directly view the patient summary of any patient, by clicking on the particular patient from the list then you can view the patient summary on the right side of the window.

Refresh List: To Refresh the list of the patients.

Export: To export the list of patients into the excel format for the future use.

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