OPD Module - Operative Notes


Here are some steps to use the Operative Notes Details section:

  • Click on Operative Notes from the OPD Module.
  • Click on the Operative list (OPD Module >> Operative Notes >> Operative Notes List) to view the Operative Notes list of all the patients.
  • You can also apply filters for searching the particular field or details about the patient.

Add New Operative Notes:

  • OPD Module >> Operative  Notes >> Add New Operative Notes
  • Select any patient from the patient list to add the operation details into the system.(Press "Select Patient" Button)

    • Fill up the necessary details of the patient like ID, Date , Operative Place, Select Surgeon, physicisan, assisant , staus, pressure, weight, pulse etc.
    • In the Operative Details 1, Choose the operations and select any one of them.
    • Now Double Click on the box,one window will display, where you need to select any template of the details you can select all or you can choose anyone and then click on add button so it will appear in the bottom right box.
    • Click on Save button to add the details into the particular detail
    • You can also add the new templates into the template lists.

In the same way you need to fill up the Operative 2,3,4 details into the system.

After filling up all the pieces of information, Click on Save button to updates the changes into the system.


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