Administrator Module


Administrator section is used to managing all the other users accounts and its modules, all entries of the software, content management etc.


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Click Manage Users from Administration Menu

  • This page contains a list of your clinic's users. If you have not yet added any users, then only "admin" will be shown.
  • You can add a new user by clicking the 'Add User' button, or you can modify an existing user by clicking on their username.
  • Both methods will pop up a lightbox containing the user profile page. Here you can edit a user's Password, Facility information, and Access Control, as well as their authorization status.
  • Authorized users are practitioners, and they can also be associated with encounters for billing purposes, and are able to authorize encounter information entered by non-authorized users so that the encounter will be billable.
  • Once your user's information has been updated successfully click 'Save' to return to the User / Groups Administration page.


This will allow you to submit the information about the hospital, clinic or logo of the hospital etc.

Step1. Go to Administration menu.

Step2. Click User Information.

Step3. A User Information window is displayed

Step 4. Fill all the required information like Clinic Information, Address information, Contact info, other details, SMS information, and company logo.

Step 5. Click Save, a window is displayed showing records saved successfully.

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