How to set your company name in the Reports?

Steps to set your company name over the reports.

  • Before setting the company name in the reports , you need to create your company name from the company master.
  • Click on the Administrator Module.
  • Go on User Information.
  • Add button - You can enter your clinic name and other information.
  • Edit and Delete Button- You can edit or delete the company details from the list.
  • After setting the clinic name , you can save these details by clicking on the Save Button.
  • Now go on Administrator settings
  • Click on Admin Settings.
  • Then again on Admin settings.
  • You can view the set company name section.
  • Where you can select your company name, by choosing an option from dropdown contents.
  • You can choose the company name for all sections like OPD, IPD, LAB, Pharmacy and Radiology.
  • After the selection , click on Apply button to save the changes in the software.
  • After that, you can generate any report, where you can view your company name on the top of the report.


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