How do I check sharing the amount of particular doctor based on total bill amount?

This article will guide you to setup the sharing amount for the doctor on the total bill of the patients, also you can generate a report for the bill sharing amount.

  • Click on Doctor's Master's section from the Master's Module.
  • Choose any doctor from the existing list or you can also create a new one then it will open doctor's detail window.
  • You need to submit the sharing percentage which you want to set for that particular doctor on every patient total bill.
    For eg, I have made a 10% in each billing for Dr. Moh Mihat.
  • After filling up that information, Click on Save button to update the changes into the software.
  • Now you check the shared amount of the doctor.
    Go to MIS Reports Section from the billing module.
  • Click on Bill Sharing option and it will show the list of patients who were treated by the selected doctor and the sharing amount is also mentioned in the same.

  • Here, on the above screen , you can view the sharing amount of the doctor and you can also check the 10% sharing amount on the total bill.
  • Lab sharing billing amount will be generated in the laboratory module and radiology sharing billing amount will be generated in the radiology module.



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