Inventory Module- Stock Adjustment


Here are some steps to use the Stock Adjustment section:

  • Click on Stock Adjustment section from the Inventory Module.
    This will show the list of Stock Adjustments for the items which are purchased from the suppliers.

  • You can also apply filters for searching the particular field or details about refund details of the patient.

Add New Purchase Bill:

  • Inventory Module >> Stock Adjustment>> Add New Stock Adjustment

  • You need to submit all the detailed information of the suppliers name, items , price etc.
  • Click on Save button to add the details into the system.

To Edit the Stock Adjustment:

  • Select an entry from the list.
  • Double click on the selected entry or press the “Edit” button on the menu, then it will open screen.
  • Change/ fill the details and the press “Save” button or press “ALT + S” to save the changes.

To Delete the Stock Adjustment:

  • Select an entry from the list.
  • Press the “Delete” button on the menu, or press “ALT + D” to delete the selection estimate.


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