Administrator Settings


Step 1. Go to Administration menu.

Step 2. Click Settings.

Step 3. A Settings window is displayed

Step 4. Go to Main Tab.

Step 5. For the Appointment settings view colors, Click Here

Step 6. To set the Financial year setup , you can select any month from the drop-down options. Also, Check the box to display the menu over the financial year, i.e. Common Bill, Admission, Receipt, Refund.

Step 7. To Set the Patient Code format, Check the patient code format. Now you can view the drop-down list option. Select one of them, as per your preferred choice.

Step 8. Now enter the prefix , that you want to add in front of the patient's code , For Eg. OPD

Step 9. Enter Separator, And code digit, After the section , click on the Apply button to save all these changes into the software

Step 10. Move towards the right side, Check the boxes as per the preferred changes you want to make into the system.

Step 11. Go to OPD Tab 

Step 12. Write the default content into the each section, to show these contents into the system while filling up the form.

Step 13. Go to Billing Tab 

Step 14. Check the boxes as per your preferred choices and changes you want to make in your system. 

Step 15. Write the prefix into the billing code, receipt code section to display this code over the system while generating the bill.

Step 16. Go to Tab

Step 17. Choose the File type and file filter from the drop-down options, also select the path for choosing through the system. 

Step 18. Click Apply button to update the changes into the system.



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