How to make an OPD Entry (OPD Flow) ?

After the complete process of installation, here this article will guide you to create an appointment for the patient to the complete process of the patient, which can be called OPD flow. Here, a receptionist can only view the appointment module and doctors can view the list of patients in the OPD flow.

Scheduling Appointment 

  • Once the Software and all its practitioners are set up, you can begin scheduling appointments for your patients.
  • To locate a patient in the system, or want to create an appointment for the patient, then Click on ADD button into the appointment tab.

Choose “Case Type” from the 'Category' drop-down list i.e. ( New or OLD)

NEW: Choose new , if you are creating the new patient's appointment into the system.

OLD: Choose old, if there is existing patient, and you can view all the details of the past process from the system. 

This will present you with the same Add New Event dialog used earlier. “NEW Visit” is selected as the Category by default, if this is their first visit. You can change the category to “Old Patient”., if they are the existing patient. 


New patients: If you choose new case type as new, then you need to fill up all the required information of the patient, such as Patient and Appointment details. After Filling up all the details,Click on Save Button, to save the changes into the appointment list.

Old Patients: If you choose old case type, then you need to select the patient from the list of patients by applying filters for searching the particular patient. As soon as you will select any patient, it will automatically fill up the form as per the details provided by the patient into the system. You can submit any other extra information into the form. After Filling up all the details,Click on Save Button, to save the changes into the appointment list.

Here, the receptionists process is completed.


Now from the General Visit section, doctors will be able to view all the list of appointments which are created by the Receptionists.

Appointment Status

  • This allows doctors and staff to see at a glance what is going on with all appointments and the corresponding encounters for the day.
  • You can fill up the examination details of the patient into the patient form by double clicking on the appointment list , and this will open the following window.


    1. If you click on “Save” button without selecting any patient, above message box will After clicking “OK” patients list will open, from where you can select the patient and proceed further.
    2. Double click on a multi-line text box, given in admission screen, to open the select screen as follow. It gives you the option to select expected values from a list for a particular option.

  • After filling up whole examination details of the patient like on each tab of present complaint, History, finding, advised, clinical Diagnosis & Medication. Click “Save” button or Press “Alt + S” to update the changes into the system.
  • After clicking “Save” button, you will see an option to print patient visit report, click on “Print” to directly print a report, “Preview” option will open report on screen for preview.


    • If you want to create a new template then click on “Modify" then select the details whatever you want to display in the template then enter the name and save the template.In paper setting, you select the Top margin, Left margin, Footer Margin, and Paper. 

  • Click on Preview button to view the report before printing.
  • Click on Print button to print the report of the patient.


So this was the complete OPD Flow from Creating an appointment to the end of the process of a patient.

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