Getting Started with JVS-DiComPlus

This section is a quick start guide to help you to get acquainted with how to start and register JVS-DiComPlus.

JVS-DiComPlus can be opened within seconds. JVS-DiComPlus provides you with a different kind of experience because here you only plug your JVS-DiComPlus hard disk into USB drive and run the application from it. You need not to install the application on your computer thus, makes it the plug and play software. You can plug the drive into any Windows OS based computer (Window XP and above) and start using the JVS-DiComPlus software.

To start JVS-DiComPlus:

  1. Plug in your JVS-DiComPlus disk into the USB port.
  2. If your computer allows the auto run, JVS-DiComPlus will auto start, otherwise from windows explorer got to the external disk drive and run the JvsDiComPlus.exe.
  3. JVS-DiComPlus requires .NET framework to be preinstalled on the computer on which you are running the application. If JVS-DiComPlus does not find the .Net framework, it will ask your permission for installing the .Net framework. Follow onscreen instructions to install the .NET framework.
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