Working with DiCom CD


This section is a quick start guide to help you to get acquainted with how to play DiCom CD stored into the JVS-DiComPlus storage device & from directly from DiCom CD.

Saving DiCom Cd with case

  • Saved DiCom files you can see on the main screen below Search option.
  • By double clicking on the particular patient from the patient list, you get detail information of the selected patient

Playing DiCom case from hard disk drive

  • You can play DiCom case from the main screen
  • For playing DiCom case you have to select patient first from patient list
  • And you can also from case detail of the patient where play button for saved DiCom file is given.

Play DiCom Cd from CD drive

  • You can also play DiCom CD from directly CD drive for this it is necessary to have DiCom CD in the CD drive.
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