HR MIS Reports

  • Employee Leave Detail: Shows the records of employee leave details
  • Employee Loan Detail:  Shows the records of employee loan details
  • Employee Designation Summary:  Shows summary of total number of employees under particular designation
  • Employee And Designation List:  Shows employee designation summary
  • Employee Progress Report:  Shows employee progress report based on the pay scale and increment.
  • List of Staff:  Show the list of staff
  • Staff Promotion Record:  Shows staff promotion records based on pay scale and increment
  • Staff Position Record:  Shows current position of employee
  • Staff On Leave Detail:  Shows list of employee who has taken leave
  • Staff Leave Record:  Shows leave status of particular employee
  • Staff Exit Record:  Shows staff exit record details
  • Staff Family Record:  Show the detail report for staff family
  • Employee Attendance Status:  Shows employee attendance status including in time - out time and total hours
  • Staff Training:  Show summary of staff training based on staff training module
  • Staff Discipline Record: Shows summary staff discipline based on staff discipline module
  • Staff Salary Variation:  Prints authority of variation pay report
  • Staff Service Record:  Shows staff service record report
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