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Generally many HMS solutions are software's which run on computers within the premises of the
company. Therefore, all the data and information is stored inside the local computer instead of a
remote location. Now a days, everyone is switching from local desktop versions to online cloud
solutions to gain all the benefits. Here, in this cloud version, your HMS software and its relevant
data, will be installed on cloud and it will be accessible through the internet.

All software and information is stored exclusively on an online network (referred to as being "in
the SoftClinic cloud") with the Internet as the point of access for all users. The nature and
number of users who can access that software and information in the cloud is securely controlled.
For a SoftClinic Cloud, all software and clinical data is stored, shared and updated in the cloud,
providing medical practices with many other benefits.

Compared to conventional solutions such as installed software, SoftClinic cloud is uniquely
defined by these characteristics:


  • Agility: Upgrades can be made and applied across the network on one instance of software
  • Broad network access: Availability is ensured, since access is not dependent on location and can be done via a standardized device, like a PC or tablet.
  • Resource pooling: Many can use the network at one time, accessing the same tools and functions
  • Rapid elasticity: Compared to a local computing infrastructure, a cloud-based network can easily scale, accommodating and responding to a rapid increase in the number of users and spikes in demand.
  • Accessibility—work from anywhere
  • Reliability: Cloud-based EHR systems allow continued functioning during and immediately after disasters.
  • Reduced expense for both software and hardware: A cloud-based system is more cost-effective, particularly for small to medium sized practices, since there are no large hardware expenditures and the software expense is a consistent, low subscription rate. You won’t have to plan for large hardware and software expenditures.
  • Better IT support

However, the transition doesn’t have to be as complicated, costly and painful as it appears. Many
small to medium size medical practices are finding web-based EHR systems to be the perfect
solution for their clinical needs.

Benefits of Cloud-Based EHR

  1. Implementation is much simpler with cloud-based EHR systems. EHR software runs on the web instead of the computer, meaning no hardware or software installation. Practices can prevent interruption of cash flow and get a faster return on investment with an implementation process much quicker than traditional client-server systems.
  2. Practices realize tremendous savings from cloud-based EHR systems. One of the largest hurdles for small medical practices is the initial cost of EHR installation. Client-server systems can cost you more, just to get set up, and then the licensing fees, maintenance costs, updates and patches cost more on top of that.
  3. Since cloud-based EHR requires no hardware installation or software licenses,implementation is a fraction of the cost. Practices pay a yearly fee, like a utility bill, as part of an arrangement called software as a service (SaaS).
  4. IT resource requirements are significantly reduced when practices choose to move medical records to the cloud. Instead of requiring a team of IT experts to install, configure, test, run, secure and update hardware and software, all of that is done internally in the cloud by the SaaS provider. Updates are also done automatically in webbased systems, so practices are running on the most up-to-date version available.
  5. Scalability is simplified with cloud-based systems. Small practices are able to expand without the standard IT growing pains. A web-based EHR system makes it easy to add new users, doctors or locations. The flexibility of web-based software allows small practices to think big and grow without breaking the bank.
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