Inventory Workflow

This article will guide you to make entries into the inventory module with a basic workflow routine. Follow the below given steps to use the inventory module.



If any employee or staff wants to request for any items they required for the medical purpose, then they can put their request under this requisition form. 


  • Select the department, enter the name of the person whom you are requesting and enter the items and quantity you are requesting for.
  • When complete, click on Save Button.



In this Indent section, admin will be able to check all the requests which are requested by the employee and staff.



To view the list of Indents, Choose period, accordingly it will show the list of indents.

  • Indent Approval By Admin

Click on indent approval, to approve the indent for the further process. This will open the following form.

Change the status to approved to put the order for the items without approval purchase order will not be placed. This indent is approved by changing the status to Approved.


Purchase Order:

This form will allow you to directly order the requisition items.

Click on select indent. Choose any indent by selecting the proper period, department and indent code. Filter your date and department and select the indent entry for which you want to put the order.


After selection, Select the supplier from where we need to purchase, enter item with name, code, quantity, units etc.

When complete, click on Save button.


Purchase order approval


Click on PO approval


Select the status approved and click on save.

  1. Goods Receive notes:

Used Make the entry while you receive the stock from the supplier according to the purchase order you can change receive qty in case if you receive less or more qty according to your order

  • Select the purchase order it will autoload the purchase order entry.


Filter the date and supplier name and select the purchase order against which you are receiving from the supplier.

Click on save.

  1. Purchase Invoice:

Finally, you can make the purchase entry based on good receive notes.

Click on select GRN

Select the good receive notes by filter date and supplier name.

Click on save.

  1. Issue

Issue the item based on the requisition to the staff.

Click on and click select button

Select the requisition from the different department to whom you want to issue the item.

Click on Save.









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