Main(OPD) MIS Reports

  • Orthopedic Visit Register:  Shows the detailed summary of orthopedic visit register.
  • Credit Register:  It's a client specific reports which shows the details of credit register summary based on the entries done in specific version of appointment details
  • Visit Register:  Shows the records of daily OPD from visit details
  • Clinic Visit Register:  Shows total number of data age groups wise based on camp visit details entry
  • Company wise Appointment Summary: This shows total number of patients based on reference
  • Company Wise Summary:  Its client specific report which Shows the total number of patients under particular company
  • Professional Dairy:  Shows the doctor wise summary including patient name, address, and diagnosis
  • ECG Register:  Shows the summary of radiology result.
  • Package Usage:  Shows the summary of the package based on the entry done in package master and package entry module.
  • Rent Invoice Summary:  Shows the summary of rent invoice based on the entries done in rent invoice module.
  • Visit Register For OPD:   Shows the summary of total number of OPD patients against the particular doctor
  • OPD Patient List:  Shows the list of patient from appointment based on case type new/old/followup
  • OPD Census Report:  Shows the total number of patient based on new/old case type in appointment
  • Dailly Receipt Report:  Shows department wise total number of new/old patients based on appointment entry
  • Visit Register With Prescription:  Shows the details of all the OPD visit details with prescription data
  • Daily Clinic Consumption Report – Guest:  Shows patient visit details summary with specific guest details entered in patient registration.
  • Admission Details:  Shows summary of visit details with prescription
  • OPD Patient Data:  Shows the OPD patient data records based on vital data entry and entry time of appointment and visit
  • Claim Report Pharmacy:  Shows patient data based on vital data entry for OPD patients
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