Cloud BackUp Utility

This CloudBackup Utility is a better way to run your practice. The Cloud keeps your patient and
practice data safe, secure, and fully accessible regardless of time, network traffic, or Mother
Nature. Move to the Cloud and never worry about data backup, security, or server upgrades
Unlike other cloud EMRs that co-mingle your data with data from other practices, this Cloud
backup keeps your private data private.


  • Private Cloud
  • Efficiency and reliability.
  • Improves recovery time for small data sets.
  • Accessibility.
  • Flexible and Scalable
  • Auto Backups: Data backup is a critical function in today’s EHR-driven practices. If you perform regular backups, you’ve probably noticed that it’s time-consuming and costly. A move to the cloud can eliminate this tedious task from your schedule. This takes scheduled, automatic backups – both incremental and daily.

How It Works?

Online backup systems are typically built around a cloud application that runs on a schedule
determined by the purchased level of service. This will contract daily backups, for instance, the
application collects, compresses, encrypts and transfers data to the cloud server.

Initially we will create a separate user and database on our cloud, Through the send and receive
utility all the data will be synchronized from local database to cloud, which will eliminate the loss
of data. Each and every time data synchronization will be running on into the cloud, hence your
database is safely stored in our cloud.

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