Start Remote Desktop Connection - MAC

Start Remote Desktop Connection - MAC


1. go to the App Store and search for Windows Remote Desktop. You should locate the free App shown:



2. click the Free label and then click install app.

3. once installed navigate to your Applications (Command+Shift+A) and find the application and launch it. The following window will open:



i. the first thing to do is to configure the Remote desktop gateway, so click the preferences gearwheel to get to:




ii. click the + at the lower left and enter details as shown, choosing your own gateway name, and substituting your own username and password:

Note: that the server name should always be set to


iii. once this is configured close the preference pane



iv. next you need to configure the PCs you wish to contact. Click the New (+) button and enter the details of the PC you wish to contact. The PC name can either be the host name or IP address of the PC (Use the same username and password which provide you on mail.



you should then close this pane. The new PC will be shown as follows:



You can start the Remote session by double clicking the entry on this screen. Add other PCs in to this if you need to.


Once you got the access, the Softclinic software will auto start and ask about credential, user the same credential which given on mail here also.









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