Insurace Module

Step by step Insurance Patient entry Process



1. Create price list in price list according to insurance company rate.

To create new price list click on add it will open the below screen.



Click on add charges button to set the insurance company charges it will open below screen.


After entering rate click on select and save the record


2. Create TPA master and link the price list in TPA.

To Add New TPA Master :

  1. Press “Add” button on the menu or press “Alt + A”, it will open a screen as under:



3. Now for the insurance patient at the time of patient registration you need to fill insurance details in patient details form

Select insurance detail yes and click on insurance button

It will open insurance details window where enter necessary details



4. It is the insurance patient create bill in insurance billing under billing module it will autoload charges according to TPA and pricelist.


5. Submit all insurance bill to insurance company with claim submission module

To make new entry click add and click on select


It will open below screen where select TPA and date and click on search. it will display all the bills under that TPA.


Select insurance bill either single or all by tick the check box. click on select and save the record.


6. Once insurance company will claim the insurance amount that you can enter under claim receipt.


- Click add to make new entry
- Click on select claim button and select the insurance bill for that you are receiving the claim
- Enter the amount in rec. amount field and click on save.






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