Indoor Module

Indoor Module Management:


To use this module and its features, please follow the steps below: 

Admission Details

Shows the admission list of the patient admitted in various hospitals. From here you can Add new admission, Edit or Delete Admission from the screen.

Bed status Chart

Shows the ward or bed status at the clinic. It shows the location of the bed.

OT Schedule

It shows the schedule of operations in operation theaters

Operative Notes

It shows the list of patients who are operated, operation date & operation type. From here you can Add newly operated patient, Edit or delete.

Round Notes

It shows patient name who are admitted, doctor name & admission date.

Intake Output Details

This shows the detailed list of patients and their Intake Output details by applying the filters into the search bar.

Nursing Notes

It shows the details of medicines given to patients and its timings. 

Monitoring of Infections

It shows the details of infections, its type, procedure and list of Antibiotics.

Discharge Details

Shows the discharge list of the patient from the hospital. From here you can Add, Edit or delete discharge details of the patient.

MIS Reports

To View all records of patients from OPD, Indoor, and MLC.


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