Masters Module

Master Module



Doctor Master

Show the list of all the doctors. One can Add new doctor’s details, edit or delete doctor’s details. One can access the same screen from the vertical outlook by pressing its corresponding button on its.

Dosage Master

Dosage master contains description for various dosages

Charge Master

Show the list of charges of all tests for different tie up companies. One can add new rates for the newly added Tie-up company, edit or delete the rate of tie-up company. One can access the same screen from the vertical outlook bars by pressing the corresponding button on it.

Reference Master

Shows the list of referring. One can add new referring doctor, edit or delete the referring doctor from the list. One can access the same screen from the vertical outlook bar by pressing it corresponding button on it.

 Group Master

Group Name which is used for various types of accounts like Tax account is a ledger and Expense account is a group name for that. Similarly, other expenses accounts  will be grouped under this account  i.e. Expense Account

Ledger Master

Ledger master contains separate accounts where transactions are listed

Vaccine Group Master

Vaccine group name shows the various groups/type of vaccines.

Vaccine Master

Shows various vaccines and their descriptions.

Ward Master

Its shows the types of the ward in a hospital.

Bed Master

, It shows the no allocated to bed in various wards.

O.T Master

Operation theater is used to add name and location of operation theaters in a hospital.

Operation Master

It shows the type of operations that are conducted in the hospital.

Holiday Master

It shows the list of holidays.

Consent Master

Consent to treatment is the principle that a person must give their permission before they receive any type of medical treatment. It shows the list of contents.

Charge Price List

Used to make price lists for charges.

Tie up Master

Used to add company details with which hospital/clinic has tied up.

Blood Bank Master

Used to add details of Blood bank from which the hospital purchases blood.

Treatment Package Master

Used to make packages for treatment that are offered by the hospital.

Diagnosis Master

It shows the list of the common of all diseases for which patient visits the clinic/hospital.

Scheme Master

It shows the schemes that clinic/hospital offers to patients.

Therapy Master

It shows the list of therapies that are carried out in a hospital.

Physical Examination Master

It shows types of Physical Examinations that are done in hospital/clinic.


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