General Visit Details Module

1 Patient Visit Report for general:

  • Click on Visit Details on vertical outlook bar on the left side of the screen to view the registered patient list as above, User can open above Screen by pressing “Ctrl + V” also.
  • To Add the New Visit Entry:


  1. Press “Add” button on the menu or press “Alt + A”. it will open a screen as under or click on Patient Details then click on Visit menu

Fill the Details on each tab of present complaint, History, finding, advised, clinical Diagnosis & Medication. Click “Save” button or Press “Alt + S” to save the new visit entry.


  1. If you click on “Save” button without selecting any patient, above message box will After clicking “OK” patients list will open, from where you can select the patient and proceed further.
  2. Double click on a multi-line text box, given in admission screen, to open the select screen as follow. It gives you the option to select expected values from a list for a particular option.


   To review old visit of patient click on period ie. drop down menu and select the filter to apply and it will display all the old visit list of the patients.

  • You can import details to current visit from an old visit by selecting a patient from patient list, appointment list etc. 


After clicking “Save” button, you will see an option to print patient visit report, click on “Print” to directly print a report, “Preview” option will open report on screen for preview.


  • If you want to create a new template then click on “Modify" then select the details whatever you want to display in the template then enter the name and save the template.

In paper setting, you select the Top margin, Left margin, Footer Margin, and Paper. 

To Use the Template Tab:

  1.  After filling up the form of visit details , you can save this form as a template for the future use.
  2. You can also load your existing template , which you had saved in the past.
  3. Using this template, it will automatically fill up the default contents into the form, so you just have to fill up extra and new contents of the particular patients.


  1. If u wants to load template then click on Template menu and click on Load Template then select the Template Name.
  2. If u wants to edit the Template then after loading the template you change the description and edit the name and save the template.


To Edit Visit Details

  1. Select visit from the list.
  2. Double click on selected patient or press the “Edit” button on the menu, it will open the screen as above.
  3. Change/fill the details and then press “Save” button or press “Alt + S” to save the changes.


To Delete Visit Details

  1. Select visit from the list.
  2. Press the “Delete” button on the menu or press “Alt + D” to delete the selected visit.


Prescription/ External Medication

Fill all details and click on “Save” button for saving the visit.

Create Template:

First, you fill all above details then click on Create Template then enter the suitable template name and click on “OK” option

  • Load, Edit, and Delete method are same as above template


2. Consent Form

Click on Consent Form on vertical outlook bar on the left side of the screen to view the list and click the “Add” option, it will show the screen as below:

  1. Press “Add” button on the menu or press “Alt + A”. It will open a screen as above or click on “Select” to select a patient.
  2. Click on “Select Consent” to select the consent from consent master. Click on “Save” or press        “Alt + S” to save the consent for selected patient. 


 3.  Certificates – letters

Click on certificates/letters from vertical outlook bar. A form as below will open:

  1. There are two tabs: Select Details and Preview. In select details tab you’ll have to enter the patient details and in the preview, you’ll be able to see the certificate/letter with patient details from select details tab.
  2. To fill the “Select Details” tab click on “Select patient”. If you want to fill the details of certificate directly from visit patient list or admission list, select either from “Select Visit” or “Select Admission”. It will automatically fill the details in the certificate.
  3. Now select certificate/letter from templates and preview the certificate/letter in preview tab.
  4. If you want to view preview/print off certificate/letter, click on “Print”.
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