Certificate-Letters Module

Generate the Certificate-Letters


  • Select any patient from patient list, visit list, and admission list.
  • Select any template from the template list which is given on the left-hand side of the window.
  • You can check the certificate details
  • You can view the certifcate content, by clicking on Preview tab.
  • You can also set the print settings.
  • Now you can write or edit the content into the certificate.
  • Click on the print button- To view or print the certificate.


ADD the Certificate Template into the software


  • Click on the template tab over the window.
  • Now click on Add button to add the template.
  • Enter the name of the template, type of certificate and subtype of it.
  • Enter the content of the certificate.( you can use system variable which is on given left side of the window, by using these variables, it will display directly the content of the patients from their details as per the variables.)
  • After Filling up the information, click on the save button to save the changes into the software.
  • Edit or Delete Button: You can edit or delete the existing templates fo the certificates from the software.
  • Previous Certificate: This will show the previous certificates generated by the users.



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