To Add an Angiography details of a patient:

  • Select the patient from admission list and then click "Angiography" button on the toolbar.
  • Then Click on Add button on the toolbar in the angiography form and the caption will change to "Save".
  • Then Fill necessary details of a patient related to coronary angiography procedure as given below:
    Indications: Indications given to the patient.
    Procedure Hardware : For e.g. Details like Status of procedure, Diagnostic Catheter used, Procedure  approach etc.
    Hemodynamic : Details like Left Ventriculogram, Pulmonary Hypertension etc.
    Coronary Anatomy: Extent of disease, Closure devices used, Affected segments stenosis percent etc.
    Lesion Findings : Left Main, LAD, Diagonal, RCA etc.
    Graft and Procedure : Graft to each lesion, Graft disease, and Procedure details.
    In-lab Complications : In-laboratory complications like Vascular complications, Death in lab etc.
    Recommendations: Contains information like Discharge Details, Follow updates etc.

  • Then Click on Save Button or Alt+S to save the angiography details.

To Edit Angiography details of a patient:

  • Select the patient form the admission list and then clcik on "Edit" button, it becomes "Save" button.
  • Make Necessary changes and then click on "Save" button.

To Delete Angiography dteilas of a patient:

  • Click on Delete button in above screen and user can delete the angiography details of the patient.
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