National Registry Reports

National Registry Reports


Description of Available options:

All: It will allow the user to select only such items( Given below in the screen) which are common in both angiography and angioplasty details and for such details we can see report o chart.

Angiography:  It will allow a user to select only angiography items for which user can  see report or chart.

Angioplasty:  It will allow a user to select from below given two options:1. All 2.  AMI.

(All)Angiography: It will allow a user to select any of all angioplasty item for which he can see annual registry or chart.

(All)Angioplasty:  It will allow a user to see the report or chart of only AMI Patients.


Chart Report :

  • The above Chart Report will show a graphical report for the patients for the paticular duration as per his selection i.e. for selected report type and duration.

PTCA Registry Report:

To view National PTCA Registry Report, Click on Annual Summary Report.

  • The above Report shows National PTCA Registry Report for selected duration.

















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