HR Module - User Manual

1. Pay Scale Type Master.


Create the master for different allowances on salary. You can also create the formula.

It encloses different type of scale type such as Basic, Medical allowance, educational allowance, House rent allowance, Conveyance allowance, etc.


Also, Create Formula allows selecting pay scale type and operator for easy calculation.


2. Pay Scale Master :


Create salary Pay scale define basic salary and various pay scale type. Also, Salary calculation makes easier to create pay scale.


3. Designation Master :


It contains employee designation types. Such as Surgeons, Administrators, Manager, Supervisor, Head nurse, Round nurse.


4. Employee Type Master :



In employee type master where the user can define employment types. Such as permanent, part-time, contract, visiting, trainee etc.


5. Employee Status Master :


6. Employee Master :


In employee master where the user can define all the details of employee. Such as assign employee code and name details, personal details, contact details, salary and bank details, etc. 


7. Employee Family Details :



In employee family master where the user can define employee family details as member name, gender, relationship, birthdate and contact no.


8. Leave Type Master :



In leave type master user can state different employment leaves. Such as casual leaves, medical leave, maternity leave, Privilege leave with unpaid leave tick option.


9. Leave Reason Master : 



In leave reason master where the user can store leave reasons with leave types and interval.


10. Employee Leave Master :



In employee leave, master user can assign employee leaves as per financial year.


11. Leave Request :




Here in leave request employee can make their leave request and administrator have approval rights approve. Also, leave request form shows total leave status.


12. Attendance :



In attendance form user can make daily attendance for all the employees. Even access to find old records. Also, there is an option to import attendance from biometric and attendance machine. It requires to integration with Softclinic.


13. Generate Salary :



In Generate salary user can make the monthly salary as per attendance. Also, there are few option to show leave details, particular details, leave approvals. With saving it shows salary slip preview. 


14. Generate Bonus :

In Generate bonus needs to select the date and employee, then with adding bonus percentage (%) it creates bonus amount with auto calculation.


15. Payment :



This payment option for payment record which has given to staff. It has options for select payment modes such as cash, bank deposit, and cheque details.


16. Receipt : 



The receipt is auto created from payment. As well allows creating independent receipt for a loan.


17. Loan Master : 



In a loan, master user can create loan modes such as personal loan, appliances loan, education loan, Home loan.


18. Employee Loan Details :



With employee loan details form user can provide the loan to their employee.


19. Employee Shift Master :



In employee shift, the master user has to create Shifts with in/out time with working day ticks.


20. Employee scheduling :



With this form, the user can allocate shifts to any employee and departments.


21. Employee Increment master :



In Employee increment, master user can apply increment with the selection of employee with the date.


22. Shift Schedule :



With Sift schedule user can find shift schedule with date period. Also export to excel option allows exporting schedule list.


23. Staff Training :


Staff training form allows adding training session details for staff members.


24. Staff Exit Record :


Staff exit record maintains all ex-employee details with date, nature of exit, the period of work. 


25. Staff Discipline Records :


In this form, the user can maintain employee discipline records with taken action.


26. Staff Salary Variation records : 


In Staff, salary variation records user can make changes in salary rates, commencement dates.


27. Grade Master : 



This form related to employee increment. Allows to create multiple subgrades for the major grade.


28. Sub Grade Master :



This form related to employee increment. Allows to create multiple subgrades for the major grade.


29. MIS Reports : 



In MIS report, there are various master reports to get monthly data records.

Such as employee leave details, employee loan details, Employee progress report.


30. Settings :



In settings, there is professional tax setting to manage limits for pays.

Colours settings for attendance such as present days shows green, absent day shows red, half day shows yellow, etc.






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