Basic Functions of SoftClinic

1. To Start the SoftClinic Software:


  • Go to Start >> Programs >> SoftClinic >> SoftClinic


  • From the desktop, you can directly click on the SoftClinic which is the shortcut bar.



  • After clicking the icon, a window will be opened which is displayed below,
  • You need to submit username and password for the authentication process.
  • A user can also choose the default user and password ie. The default user is Admin and password is Admin.
  • Click “Enter” button or simply press the “Enter” key on the Keyboard to log into the software.
  • On clicking “Exit” button or by pressing the “Esc” key on the keyboard, you will exit from the software.

2. Homepage :

When you log into your account, you will arrive at your Homepage, which holds all features of the software.

However,the features and functions will be displayed according to the package you have purchased, but for the general package system, the features are listed here’s how:

  • On the left side of the screen is vertical menu bar which has quick links to various modules of software. It’s similar to the menu on top of the screen.
  • By default appointment list of the patients will be shown when SoftClinic software starts.
  • Above the list, you can see data entry button set.
  • The right side of the screen is patient general information window which contains the brief history of patient record available in the software with the facility to quickly access data. You can double click on, particularly history to open data window of the particular record.
    User can hide this patient information on the main screen as follows:

Click Utility >> Patient Details. To open patient visit details window again repeats the same step.

  • Print- It will print the list displayed on the default opened screen at a time. It will appear on all screens at a time. It will appear on all screens like appointment details, ECG, patient details, doctor details, tie up, company details, test master, charges master, medicine master & receipt details.
  • Print report- It will print of only individual record from the list displayed on the screen. It will appear in the drop down menu on the print button & appear on screen like visit details, test details & receipt detail.


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