Clinical Analysis Module

This module will facilitate you to generate an analysis report of any data.


  • Go to Reports Module
  • Click on Clinical Analysis.
  • Then the window will be opened which is shown below:
  • Select any Report Type from the Report Type Tab which you want to generate.
  • Click on Fields Selection Tab
  • Choose the fields which you want to show the report.
  • By selecting the particular field click on ">" and it will display into the selected fields, or you can also select all the fields by clicking on ">>".
  • After selection, Click on Filter Selection Tab.
  • Choose the fields, filters and click on Down arrow button, which will display all the selected contents.
  • After the selection click on Print Settings tab, where you set the page contents.
  • Now click on view button to view the analysis report.
  • Click on Export to excel button, to export all the details of the report.
  • Click on Print Button to print the report.


For more information regarding this module, Click here

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