Patient Demographic Details

Patient Demographic Details


  • To Add new Patient : Press the add button on the menu or Press "Alt+A, It will open a screen as under:

    Fill all the details and then press "Save" button or press "Alt +S" to save the new Patient.

  • To Edit Patient Details
    Select Patient from the list.
    Click on the selected patient and press the Edit button on the menu, then it will open the patient record in edit mode.
    Change /Fill the details and then press "Save"button or press "Alt+S" to save the changes.
  • To Delete Patient
    Select Patient from the list.
    Press the delete button on the menu to delete the selected patient.

  • Note : Delete button on the edit mode screen also deletes the current patient. You can not delete patient record until all the department records are deleted from other modules like the admission.


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