Coronary Procedure Module

Coronary Procedure Module


Note : Click on Coronary Button to enter Procedure Module and then Click on any one button i.e. Angiography or Angioplasty

Coronary Procedure Module (Toolbar Menu Description)

  • Add 
  • Edit
  • Show All
  • Select
  • Risk Profile: It shows the clinical presentation and risk profile of a patient.
  • Angiography: It shows the angiography information of a patient like indications given to the patient, coronary anatomy, lesion findings, In-lab complications, recommendation etc.
  • Angioplasty: It shows the details about Percutaneous coronary intervention procedure of a patient which contains indications, graft & procedure, coronary anatomy, current procedure, procedure summary, recommendation etc. IF also facilities to add lesion details.
  • Other Procedure: It shows the other procedure like valve findings, indications to the patient etc.
  • Show files: It shows the user to add a new patient file, delete, play or print the file also.


Procedure Data Entry

  • Risk and Clinical Profile


          Note : Clcik on Risk Profile button to enter clinically and risk profile details.

  • On clicking the Risk Profile on the toolbar the following screen will be displayed:
  • To Add the risk profile of a patient:
    Select the patient to from the admission list and the click on Risk Profile button.
    Then fill necessary information as given below:
    Clinical Presentation : For e.g. Valvular Hear disease, Ischemic Heart Disease, Remote MI etc.
    Risk Profile: For e.g. Family History of CAD, Smoking, Asthma, cholesterol Values.
  • To Edit Risk Profile:
    Double click on the admission in the grid to select the patient.
    Click on "Risk Profile" button in the toolbar and click on edit button in the form that is opened.
    Make the necessary changes and then click "Save" button.
  • To Delete Risk Profile:
    Follow step 1 from the above " To Edit the risk profile"
    Open Risk Profile form and click on the delete button in the toolbar to delete the risk profile for selected patient.





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