Patient Portal User Manual

Steps to get the credentials for SoftClinic Patient Portal:

  1. Open your SoftClinic Software
  2. In the main module, select patient details section.
  3. Select the patient that you want to provide him credentials for the patient portal. You can choose the patient from the existing patient list or you can add new patient by clicking on add new button.
  4. Fill up all the other required details of a patient into the patient form.
  5. Enter the email id of the patient
  6. Check the box of the patient portal, to send the credentials of the patient portal on the patient’s email id.
  7. Click on save button.
  8. A patient will receive an email along with the username and password.
  9. Open the patient portal.
  10. Enter the provided username and password.
  11. This will open your patient portal account, where you can check your personal details, reports, medical details, prescriptions, appointments etc.



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